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Saturday, October 22, 2011


There are moments when a sunset sets into the perfect blends of pink and brown; and there are moments when a dull blue and grey is all that one gets to see. There are moments when a cool gust of wind brings with it memories of a time cherished; and there are moments of cold breezes that make one shiver and shake. There are moments when your heart stops beating and your breath goes into a frenzy at the sight of that someone; and there are moments when that someone becomes so distant that the good seems like a mirage.
We often face a question; what was the exact moment i fell in love? Or perhaps what was the exact moment i thought i had fallen in love? We never know the answer, maybe because love is a feeling that builds, it doesnt just start. We are scared, and we are ecstatic. The lines between logic, caution, pleasure and desire hold no meaning anymore; and rightly so. Such human notions like love, care, passion and unbridled emotions dont have any room for defensive behaviors like being careful and meticulous. Love is a tide, and the tide needs to flow. It will never dam itself up nor will it be contained, or controlled. It needs trust, and faith. The slightest inclination to doubt, or refusal to believe in the truth, is able to crush the budding feelings being evoked. For love needs care and compassion, not doubt, refusal and inability to trust. Insecurities are fruits of the mean and bad world. Love is the emotion solely pure and devoid of all these. Maybe I've penned it down in a very unachievable manner, but I've achieved it, and its possible for all to do so. It requires just that one step, without remorse, without guilt and without fears.
So when is the exact moment we fall in love? We'll never know. Ironically though, we always know when we fall out of it.

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